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Time to act!

You can’t take it with you, but you can decide who gets what you own after you go.

You need to have a will, especially if you have assets and/or children.

Dying without a will leaves you without any say in where your estate goes when you die. This may lead to your estate being distributed amongst those you might not have wished to benefit, or it may lead to disputes, or simply long delays in your beneficiaries receiving their share. It’s those you leave behind who bear the burden of this after you’re gone.

Coyne Legal understands you’re busy, so we have created Online Wills, saving you time and money.

We still get you to drop by our office to formally sign your Will, however, all the instructions for what you want can be given to us from the comfort of your own home, saving you time and money.

No need to procrastinate any longer, get started now for only $246.95, a saving of $50 on our normal price.


Why should I make a will?

Without a will, you don’t have any say about who your property goes to. With a will, you control who gets what. It lets you look after the people you care about.

What happens if I die without a valid will?

The law divides your estate using a formula to distribute your assets to your relatives. Who you think should get your assets might be quite different from what actually happens. Dying ‘intestate’ makes things much harder and more expensive for those you leave behind. If you die without a will and don't have any relatives closer than a first cousin, your property goes to the government.

How often should I make a will?

Whenever your circumstances change in a major way. Getting married revokes your will. Getting a divorce. Buying or selling property. Even winning the lottery!

Who should I appoint as my Executor?

You should appoint someone you trust and someone capable of carrying out the role.

Can I appoint more than one executor in the same will?

Yes. You can appoint as many executors as you like but appointing more than 2 does make it more difficult to manage your estate. You should also appoint a substitute executor in case your first choice dies before you do or cannot accept the appointment.

Can my executor also be a Beneficiary?

An executor can still be a beneficiary of the will.

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If you are one of the growing number of people who don't have time to spare from work or have a busy lifestyle, this is the easiest way to get your will.

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